Clip from Disney’s New Short Film ‘Tangled Ever After’

Tangled Ever After short film clip
Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

This weekend Disney will be screening Beauty and the Beast 3D for critics here in Seattle. I won’t be attending. They would have had a better chance of getting me to attend had it been Beauty and the Beast (NOT IN 3D) as I can just stay home and watch my preferred version of the classic animated film on Blu-ray and not have to wear those annoying glasses.

That said, I am a bit upset it means I will not be able to catch Disney’s new animated short film Tangled Ever After, which will be playing in front of the 3D converted Beauty and the Beast when it hits theaters January 13. Tangled was one of my top ten films of 2010 and this looks like it could be fun.

So, while I won’t be seeing it in theaters, the studio has, however, sent over a clip from the animated short titled “The Rings”, which I have included below.

I wonder, will Beauty and the Beast do as well in 3D as The Lion King did? The Lion King in 3D made a staggering $94.2 million last year, which truly blows me away.