Box-Office Oracle: ‘Thor’ Battles ‘Bridesmaids’ for the Weekend Crown

My heart tells me Bridesmaids can win the weekend, but my intellect tells me Thor probably won’t crater more than 55 percent. That’s where we’re at, head versus heart, on about four hours of sleep from sunny Cannes, France. Let’s break it down!
Laremy predicted the #1 movie correctly 2 Weeks In A Row
Will it plummet in the manner of Wolverine? Or hold somewhat strong like the original Iron Man? I’ve put the bleed right down the middle. It also looks likely to hit the top ten of Marvel, only $74m is needed to hit Fantastic Four

The production budget was a hefty $150m, I assume most of that went to Chris Hemsworth’s gym fees. But the film will hit $300m worldwide this weekend, and it sets up Avengers for even bigger success.

Prediction: $29.58 million

The tracking is in the high teens, so this prediction is certainly bullish. But the reviews will be positive, because the film is hysterically funny. $9,000 per theater, which brings us to the unscreened film of the weekend …
Prediction: $26.25 million
The only comparable I could think of was Book of Eli, but how can a January film with a bigger star inform our decision about a May movie with Paul Bettany? We’ll just go with the tracking plus about ten percent.
Prediction: $16.6 million
We’re nearing the coveted 3x multiplier for Fast Five. Plus, this should be the weekend it becomes the highest grossing film in the Fast franchise, both domestically and worldwide.
Prediction: $13.95 million
Were you aware Hilary Swank collected a producer credit here? Yep, we can assume she at least read the script, which makes her partially culpable. The film was brought in for a quasi-reasonable $35m production budget, so it looks like it will be more of a tax write-off as opposed to a full scale disaster.
Prediction: $9.06 million
$17.9m earned on a budget of $6.6m! Pretty nice effort.
Prediction: $7.3 million
7. Rio
$406m worldwide, and it should crack the top 15 of 3-D films all-time before it heads to DVD.
Prediction: $4.54 million
What should Waltz do next? I think he’d be an excellent Wonka. Oh, and of course that new Tarantino flick.
Prediction: $3.73 million
In the past seven years Tyler Perry’s films have made half a billion dollars. Let’s all reflect on that for a bit.
Prediction: $1.38 million
It’s going to pass Blue Crush … unless we all take pretty drastic action.
Prediction: $1.31 million

How say you? Wanna take Bridesmaids at the top? Do you like Thor to do better than my number? And what about Everything Must Go in a very limited release? Predict away!

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