Preview All 33 of 2010’s Oscar-Qualifying Animated Shorts


Cartoon Brew has debuted the list of the thirty-three films up for consideration in the Best Animated Short category for the upcoming 2011 Oscars and I have done my very best to find a video for each and every one. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find anything for Rao Heidmets’s Inherent Obligations or Don Hertzfeldt’s Wisdom Teeth so if anyone out there can help find video for those either let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Otherwise, spend some time over the next three pages to preview some really cool videos. I had a chance to preview a few of them while putting this article together, but have yet to check them all out. So let me know which ones are your favorites and which ones don’t really do it for you.

Additionally, if any of the people that made these films are reading this and want to send over screeners for me to preview, that would be excellent. Just click here to get in touch. I would love to be able to watch the lot before the nominations are announced on Tuesday, January 25 and make a few predictions of my own.

So check out the list below, discuss them in the comments and thanks again to Cartoon Brew for debuting the titles, these are always fun to look at.

A Family Portrait
Director: Joseph Pierce
Great Britain, 2010, 4 min
Filmmaker’s website
Angry Man (Sinna Mann)
Director: Anita Killi
Norway, 2009, 20 min
Filmmaker’s website
Animated History of Poland
Director: Tomasz Bagiński
Poland, 2010, 8 min
Filmmaker’s website
Barking Island (Chienne D’Histoire)
Director: Serge Avédikian
France, 2010, 15 min
Filmmaker’s website
Coyote Falls
Director: Matthew O’Callaghan
United States, 2010, 3 min
Filmmaker’s website
Danny Boy
Director: Marek Skrobecki
Poland/Switzerland, 2010, 10 min
Filmmaker’s website
Day and Night
Director: Teddy Newton
United States, 2010, 6 min
Filmmaker’s website
Divers in the Rain
Director: Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn
Estonia, 2010, 23 min
Filmmaker’s website
Dust Kid (Munjiai)
Director: Yumi Jung
South Korea, 2009, 10 min
Inherent Obligations
(Kaasuündinud Kohustused)
Director: Rao Heidmets
Estonia, 2008, 10 min
Filmmaker’s website
Let’s Pollute
Director: Geefwee Boedoe
United States, 2010, 7 min
Filmmaker’s website

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