Six New Pics and Three Clips from ‘The A-Team’

Bradley Cooper in The A-Team
Photo: 20th Century Fox

I was originally set to screen The A-Team tomorrow, but the screening got bumped to early next week so while it got moved to a week-of screening it’s still early enough in the week to make sure dailies can see it in time to get in the Friday newspapers. That’s a good sign friends. Fox isn’t hiding this one and my hope it will be great remains.

Along with that news, Fox has just released six new images and three new clips from the film to get you excited for the June 11 release of what looks like an action-packed and wildly insane ride. In the adaptation of the ’80s television series of the same name, Liam Neeson steps into the shoes of Col John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, Bradley Cooper plays Lt. Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson plays Sgt Bosco ‘B.A.’ Baracus and Sharlto Copley plays Capt. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock as members of a colorful team of former Special Forces soldiers who were set up for a crime they did not commit and go “rogue” to try and clear their names and find the true culprit. Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces) directs.

I have added the clips directly below and you can click here to browse the RopeofSilicon gallery of 28 total images.