Does Saying a Movie Has a Twist Ending Sort of Spoil the Movie?

There is a movie coming out later this year that has a big ol’ twist ending and people keep on asking me about it (the movie, not the twist), and I end up not saying much because my opinion on the story is based 100% on its ending. Its twist ending. I keep my mouth shut only because I read the book from which the film is based on, a book with a cover filled with quotes praising its massive twist ending, and didn’t think the twist worked there and really don’t expect it to work on the bigscreen. But if I told you the film had a twist ending I have a feeling it would be so obvious what it was — based even on the trailer — that it would be ruined.

It’s for this reason I ask you if simply knowing a movie/book has a twist ending puts you on the lookout from the very beginning as to what that twist might be, altering your perception of that book or movie?

I saw Sixth Sense without knowing there was a twist ending and even though while watching it I started wondering why no one was talking to Bruce Willis, I never quite put it all together until the very end. Had I known the film had a massive twist to it perhaps I never would have had the joy of that last moment reveal.

Already this year Angels and Demons had a twist ending (a bad one, but it was there), State of Play tried too hard with its twist, Duplicity played with your head as did Knowing and The Uninvited. Of course, not all of these are great movies, but had you known there was a twist at the end wouldn’t that have spoiled some of the fun of watching them?

When I reviewed The Uninvited I placed the following warning at the lede of my review:

I avoid spoilers as much as possible in this review, but to give a proper opinion there is some allusion to what you can expect and as a result it could either help or hinder your viewing experience based on how you look at it. If you are going to see this film no matter what I say, read the first paragraph and go see it and then return to read the review. Otherwise, the full review is certain to help you make up your mind.

I gave a similar warning prior to my review of Angels and Demons, but on State of Play I did actually say there was a final plot twist, but that’s exactly why I am bringing this up. When you read there is a plot twist does that bother you? Does it put you on the lookout for things you think you may have otherwise missed? Or am I just thinking way too much about this?


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