Box-Office Oracle: Jul. 31 – Aug. 2, 2009

#1 movie predicted correctly: 0 Weeks in a Row
I just can’t give this Knocked Up dollars. I liked it quite a bit, but it’s not as marketable. If it goes higher than this it will be because there is basically no competition out there. At all.
Estimate: $27.1 million
A 43.5 percent drop is what I’m calling for. Will Aliens in the Attic take a chunk out of its flank?
Estimate: $17.9 million
Alert commenter Jacob made a good point last Sunday. The Sunday wrap-up should be about why movies made what they made. The Thursday Oracle projection columns should be about the predictions.

Now then, I’ve got this beating The Ugly Truth by a cool $300k. So yeah, it could go either way.

Estimate: $15.0 million
This should follow The Proposal‘s path… well, a two percent more dip because the names aren’t as recognizable as Bullock.
Estimate: $14.7 million
I haven’t seen anything resembling an advertisement for this film. How about you guys? Am I not watching enough Nickelodeon?
Estimate: $12.4 million
The genre just doesn’t make huge grosses, which is why they make them so cheaply. Anyone want to take a guess as to the highest worldwide cume on a horror in 2009? Friday the 13th is the answer, and it didn’t even hit $100m. After $113m for Saw V, I’d say Saw VI has a better than even shot to crack the $100m mark worldwide, but what about Halloween 2?
Estimate: $7.0 million
The Collector, if you’re curious, will finish 11th. Hurt Locker 12th. And it will be the weakest weekend since April.
Estimate: $4.4 million
$164m worldwide cume on a production budget of $40m. That’s playing with power. Expect another few rom-coms starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock… though probably not together again. That would just be lazy.
Estimate: $4.1 million
The original made $708m. This version will go over $800m this weekend. Advantage: Michael Bay.
Estimate: $3.8 million
The original made $383m worldwide. The sequel made $652m worldwide. This one stands at $686m, including a whopping half a billion internationally. Advantage: whatever Ray Romano charges for a few days of work.
Estimate: $3.5 million

You know the drill. Where did I go wrong? Can you see Knocked Up numbers for Funny People? Am I sleeping on Aliens in the Attic? Drop your predictions and witty insight posthaste.