Crazy Promo for Werner Herzog’s ‘Bad Lieutenant’


Werner Herzog’s self-proclaimed-non-remake Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans starring Nicolas Cage has just received an online burst of coverage thanks to a promo reel that has just arrived online.

The film is described as an updated version of 1992’s The Bad Lieutenant, but Herzog has said he has never seen the original which received an NC-17 rating with the depraved title character (Harvey Keitel) heavily involved in drugs, gambling, sex and stealing while a New York police officer. Well, whether Herzog never saw the original or not it appears he has tapped into that description to excess.

Along with Cage the film features Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Fairuza Balk, Jennifer Coolidge, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Shawn Hatosy, Xzibit, Shea Whigham, Brad Dourif and Denzel Whitaker and is expected to hit theaters at the end of this year. My assumption is the promo below was made for Cannes as sale material considering the film was actually part of an early list of films that had the potential of being shown at the fest.

Give the craziness a peek below and see what you think.

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