What Do You Want from ‘Transformers 2’?

So, I didn’t really like Transformers. I have said it enough and I think my “C+” review pretty much explains my stance. I say this as the new 2-Disc DVD arrived in my mailbox today realizing that I am going to have to look at this release purely from a special feature level and put aside my opinion of the film (that is unless I decide I like it more the second time around, then I will have to change my tune).

However, a new interview over at Sci-Fi Wire with visual-effects supervisor and second-unit director Scott Farrar holds a couple of interesting quotes in regards to Transformers 2, which is currently eyeing a tentative June 26, 2009 release date providing everything falls into place.

When discussing the sequel Farrar said, “The commitment is—and this makes us really happy here—that it’s a deep story. There are lots of layers to the story of all these Decepticons, everybody. And so they want to really keep the characters rich… I think we’ve learned a lot about lighting, and I think we can go to much moodier lighting. Lots of things. It’ll be improved.”

There is one key word in there that I like to see – “moodier” – that is what the first film lacked despite the impressive atmosphere the trailers and the opening scene provided. Perhaps my second viewing of Transformers will be different since I now know what to expect, but a sequel with less attention on the humans and more attention on bad ass robot battles (not hand-to-hand brawling by the way) is what I want. I want dark and moody, and that can be done and still maintain the family friendly PG-13 rating. I just hope Michael Bay got his after school side out of him and instead of robots hiding from Sam’s mom, they will be out kicking some ass.

What are you looking for with a sequel? More of the same or would you prefer the tone done the humor and amp up the action?


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