A Little ‘Underworld’ Prequel Chatter

Based on the fact that people keep talking about a prequel to the Underworld franchise I can only assume that there are a few others out there that find these movies a bit fun, despite the silliness of them. I don’t know if it is Kate Beckinsale in the all leather outfit or if I am just a sucker for vampire movies (no pun intended and the truth is both intrigue me), but I want more Underworld…

ComingSoon had a chat with producer Tom Rosenberg and asked him whether Screen Gems is continuing the Underworld franchise, and he told the site that we can expect an announcement shortly about another installment in the franchise. He said that Len Wiseman, who directed his wife Kate Beckinsale in the first two films, will be producing the new movie.

Now, while Kate is an object of my desire I don’t anticipate her being back for the film and when asked Rosenberg didn’t even comment. However, we need a girl in form-fitting leather I think for this to work. I am also going to assume that the whole thing will have to be color corrected with a blue filter to the highest extent to keep with the first two.

ComingSoon asked if this could possibly reboot the franchise and Rosenberg said, “It could. It’s a prequel. Some people think it could be rebooted. I don’t know. I’m not there yet.”

To me it sounds like ol’ Tom ain’t exactly on board with the whole idea yet, and I can definitely see this franchise finding a home on DVD for years to come. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens, but I know I am at least interested.


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