Box-Office Oracle: Aug. 10 – Aug. 12

#1 movie predicted correctly: Two weeks in a row
Before I get to Rush Hour 3 let me first take this occasion to hammer Brad for a second. He did a wonderful job on the Oracle Wrap-Up – I was without internet and struggling at the JFK airport, but re: Transformers he stated that it would be in the top ten this week too. He’s wrong. Very wrong. You don’t just roll in and learn how to Oracle bud. Now, back to Rush Hour 3, it won’t open as high as the prior editions but it will open well because the summer is winding down and people want to catch movies.
Estimate: $64.2 million
After the smoke cleared Bourne actually made less than $70m last week. It’s still damned impressive but no August movie has broken that $70m mark yet.
Estimate: $36.6 million
I really want this movie to do well at the box office. And it really won’t. This is what we call “sadness.”
Estimate: $14.9 million
$328m and going strong. This movie lists a $75m production budget but I just can’t see it. Don’t they have this process automated by now? I think they just hit a button. Where did the money go? Kwik-E-Marts? I don’t think that counts as production anyway, that’s marketing.
Estimate: $13.0 million
It’s not out in the foreign markets until September. That’s when it will really make it’s mark, trust me. The international community can’t get enough of flying dogs.
Estimate: $6.6 million
Why God, why? I mean, does anyone anywhere truly care about this movie? Even the poor bastards who are forced to see this can’t really want to think about it.
Estimate: $6.1 million
It crosses the $100m threshold this weekend. Yay! Let’s hold a party!
Estimate: $5.13 million
This has already crossed the $100m mark and they probably are having a party for real. What can a fat suit and makeup for Travolta cost? Like $40? Then you buy some food for the cast and *boom* you’ve got a movie. That’s how it’s done folks, that’s how it’s done. Here’s some trivia, this is the 12th rated fat suit comedy ever. This is not a joke. Mrs. Doubtfire is number one.
Estimate: $5.10 million
I don’t even know how you define success here anymore. It’s like an aircraft carrier. Everyone knows it’s going to make a fortune, it does, and then we get ready for the next one. The only real story is how rabid the fans are.
Estimate: $4.6 million
I know of a few restaurants that don’t take reservations. Evidently it helps them stay busier, because they don’t have to block out tables for certain amounts of times. Crazy but true.
Estimate: $3.7 million


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