Kevin Smith Directing an Episode of HEROES Origins

The news just broke in front of me that Kevin Smith will direct one of the episodes of Heroes: Origins which will debut in April. It’s a six episode external season, with more directors to be announced later. One of the cast members joked that he had J.J. Abrams number handy (now wouldn’t that be nice?).

The Heroes: Origins series, from what I’ve heard, will feature a completely distinct writing and producing crew – it will be about six new heroes discovering their powers. Creator Tim Kring said that each of the stories will stand alone and will probably involve a morality angle or cautionary tale. I know one of the ideas thrown around previously was that the fans would vote on which (of the six) heroes would transition to the actual show. The Origins show will premiere in April, but the primary franchise, Heroes will come back for season two on September 24th with 11 straight episodes.

one great quote from Kevin Smith:

When (creator) Tim Kring called me and said “Hey do you want to direct an episode of Heroes?” I was like “Totally, I’ll do one with the gay heroes! (referring to Hiro and Ando) Tim told me he wasn’t sure if I had any idea what the show was about.

Don’t worry though, since that conversation Kevin has downloaded all the episodes from Itunes and I’d bet he’ll do the Origins series right.


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