Carnahan Takes Reese to ‘Bunny Lake’ for Thrills?


Joe Carnahan will soon be unleashing his bloodbath of a film Smokin’ Aces next year (I say this because the film is a bloodbath, not because it is bad) and it looks like he will be following that up with a thriller starring Reese Witherspoon called Bunny Lake is Missing. It is all very early in the game as deals are just getting underway, but Spyglass Entertainment is in talks to finance the picture, with Columbia Pictures to distribute domestically.

The film is a remake of the 1965 Otto Preminger film, which surrounds the events that occur after a woman reports that her daughter Bunny Lake has gone missing. When police find no evidence that she even existed, they being to question the woman’s sanity.

Doug Wright penned the script and is currently working with Carnahan on a rewrite.

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