Screen Gems Developing Bunny Lake Is Missing Remake


Screen Gems Developing Bunny Lake Is Missing Remake

Screen Gems developing Bunny Lake Is Missing remake

According to Deadline, Screen Gems is in the process of developing a film remake of the1965 crime thriller Bunny Lake is Missing. Based on the film by Academy Award-nominated director Otto Preminger, the remake’s story is said to revolve around divorce and child custody but further details about the film is being kept under wraps.

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Based on Merriam Modell’s novel of the same name, the original film starred award-winning veteran actor Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley and Keir Dullea. Bunny Lake is Missing follows the story of a mother named Ann Lake (Lynley) who finds out that her daughter Bunny has gone missing. With the help of her brother Steven (Dullea), they tried to search for Bunny in her school but were unsuccessful. Leading the duo to call the police for help with Superintendent Newhouse (Olivier) arriving on the scene to takeover of the case.

Soon the story takes an unexpected turn when the police started their investigation and can’t seem to find any evidence of a child ever living at the home. Things got more complicated when they learn that Bunny was the name of the mother’s imaginary childhood friend. Leading the police to start questioning themselves if whether Ann is crazy or someone is trying to set her up?

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Columbia in partnership with Otto Preminger Films have the remake rights for the film. Victoria Preminger, daughter of Otto Preminger is expected to serve as the producer along with Adam Fields, who’s responsible for pitching the project to the studio. Eric Paquette will oversee the film for Screen Gems.