Box-Office Wrap-Up: Sep. 29 – Oct. 1


Winner, winner chicken dinner around here.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Four Weeks In A Row

1. Open Season $23.0m (My rank:#1, $1.0m Off)
Yes the Kid’s ruled the roost once more this weekend just as predicted by this here predictor. Now, what the roost is I haven’t much idea.

2. The Guardian $17.6m (My rank:#2, $1.2m Off)

They have to be happy that there are still $17.6m worth of idiots left here in this grand nation.

3. Jackass: Number Two $14.0m (My rank:#4, $.6m Off)

It atrophied the same amount as most films, a little more than half, quite a win for a gross out special. The ads about taking your nana must have paid off.

4. School for Scoundrels $9.1m (My rank:#3, $6.8m Off)

I thought the sneak peak was because they had a great movie they wanted to show off. It now looks like they had a movie no one knew about which they were praying would get noticed. It didn’t.

5. Jet Li’s Fearless $4.7m (My rank:#5, $2.7m Off)

This keeps hanging around because it is the only action effort out there. Good advice: Be the only action effort out at all times.

6. Gridiron Gang $4.5m (My rank:#6, $1.5m Off)

Who the hell is still seeing this? I can’t imagine the poor trolls. We should all band together and make a pact not see any football related movies unless they involve sex and drugs.

7. The Illusionist $2.8m (My rank: Not Ranked)

I keep telling people to see it and I think my efforts are paying off. Why am I not getting a finder’s fee? Maybe because I pissed Harvey off a long time ago.

8. Flyboys $2.3m (My rank:#7, $.9m Off)

I think this is the last World War Two epic with James Franco we’ll be seeing for a while. Bet on it.

9. The Black Dahlia $2.0m (My rank:#9, $.1m Off)

S-Jo was just named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine – she beat out Hillary Clinton by a slim four billion gal margin.

10. Little Miss Sunshine $2.0m (My rank: Not Ranked)

It was originally put out as counterprogramming to Pirates and Superman Returns. Where are those movies now? Advantage, Little Miss Sunshine. We await a sequel.

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