Box-Office Wrap-Up: Sep. 1 – Sep. 4


Well, a whole new style of streak has started, one where I don’t get the #1 right anymore. This would be a much easier streak to keep going if I wanted to go that route.

1. Invincible $15.2m (My rank:#3, $3.9m Off)
It got me again. That’s two weeks in a row this cheesefest has screwed me over. Way to go Wahlberg, all you did was weaken a country with this nonsense.

2. Crank $13.0m (My rank:#1, $1.3m Off)

It was ahead after Friday night but then the families took over. This is why I’ve often remarked that we should get rid of families.

3. The Wicker Man $11.7m (My rank: #2, $1.5m Off)

Yep, that’s the whole top three jumbled up as I prove yet again that I have no idea on what people want to see in the world of suspense. Every other genre has fallen to my awesome power but I’m thinking of letting someone else handle the horrors. Also, Nic Cage bombs yet again with a film with the word “man” in it.

4. Little Miss Sunshine $9.7m (My rank:#4, $.6m Off)

Yes, Back to the good life! I know comedies! For all the knocking I do on marketing departments and studios in general this has been a masterful job here.

5. The Illusionist $8.0m (My rank: Not Ranked)

Another whiff, just like last week with Accepted and this time because they decided to add on 900 theaters without telling me. The Oracle sees new films, and films in the top ten, but I get more cloudy with films that have been around and then for no reason gain theaters.

6. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby $7.7m (My rank:#6, $2.5m Off)

What’s the next big project for Will? I’m not talking the little ones, I mean the next grand comedy. I think he should do something on how good looking I am. This would be the laugh riot of the year.

7. Barnyard: The Original Pary Animals $6.4m (My rank:#9, $1.6m Off)

I never really got the title on this, the original party animals? No animal has partied before? Do animals party? I want to see footage of the pot brownie meeting where they thought this up.

8. Accepted $5.9m (My rank:#7, $.8m Off)

I think Accepted should have named their movie Accepted: The Original Party Animals just to piss everybody off. Reason #342 they don’t let me anywhere near the movie biz.

9. World Trade Center $5.8m (My rank:#8, $.9m Off)

Brad said he will never watch this DVD. I think it is like The Thin Red Line for me, amazing experience, no thanks on tackling it again.

10. Step Up $5.4m (My rank: #10, $.7m Off)

There is just nothing out right now, I can’t wait for Oscar season so people start getting excited about movies again. Right now we just need to grin and bear it. See you Thursday for more big fun.

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