Box-Office Wrap-Up: Jul 14 – Jul 16


#1 movie predicted correctly: Four Weeks In A Row

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest $62.1m (My rank: #1, $3.0m Off)
All hail Pirates. The rumor is Supe needs $200m to get a sequel. Pirates will hit that on Monday with ten less days to work with, not too shabby. I’m not sure why I keep comparing these two other than my own bitterness about the the higher critical praise for Superman Returns. I’ll try and contain further vitriol from here on out.

2. Little Man $21.7m (My rank:#3, $5.2m Off)

I think it’s a good sign that I always underestimate the terrible ones. It means I still have hope.

3. You, Me and Dupree $21.3m (My rank:#2, $.8m Off)

This has been the strangest movie for me to call because it pits the likeability of Owen Wilson versus the annoyingness of Owen Wilson. I think this $21.3 means neither scored a huge victory.

4. Superman Returns $11.6m (My rank:#4, $1.9m Off)

Okay, I did like one thing quite a bit on this one and that was the maroon cape. I can’t knock that even a little bit.

5. The Devil Wears Prada $10.4m (My rank:#5, $2.8m Off)

I’ll tell you what the devil doesn’t wear. Member’s Only.

6. Cars $7.5m (My rank:#6, $.1m Off)

After like two months in the top ten I finally have this one dialed in. I would guess this one gets mauled by Monster House which would be a clear example of an inferior product winning just by virtue of being newer.

7. Click $7.0m (My rank:#7, $.2m Off)

I might subscribe to a world where the government protects us from stuff like this.

8. The Lake House $1.5m (My rank:#8, $,2m Off)

Man, I am smoking on these bottom ones. I might apply for a medal or something.

9. Nacho Libre $1.5m (My rank:#9, $.5m)

Well, maybe not. I was only $.5m off but that represents a subpar 33 percent. I’ve been using a new algorythm that Nacho clearly whupped.

10. A Scanner Darkly $1.1m (My rank: NOT RANKED )

Ouch. I saw it expand wider but I still ignored it. I guess one pays a heavy price for being dumb.

The new movie book is coming, and it will be better than ever. Stay tuned. -Laremy

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