Box-Office Wrap-Up: June 30 – July 2


#1 movie predicted correctly: TWO Weeks In A Row

1. Superman Returns $52.1m (My rank:#1, $17.0m Off)

I way overestimated the man of steel. Oh, I put plenty of verbal caveats such as “I don’t see a built in audience,” throughout my writings but caveats aren’t results. I’m sure there is a Latin motto which says essentially the same thing but I’m don’t speak dead languages. Look for Supe to fade fast now that the initial rush has seen it.

2. The Devil Wears Prada $27.0m (My rank:#2, $5.6m Off)

Prada performed very well as the alternative. And I think it has better legs too. I look for better than average word of mouth and a rosy outlook. No sequel though, the ring made it to Mordor in this one.

3. Click $19.4m (My rank:#3, $2.1m Off)

Will Sandler ever come back to making funny movies? I think this is one of those deals where he has kids and loads of money so essentially he could care less. It would be cooler if he could just retire instead of getting our hopes up. That would be the non punk move.

4. Cars $14.0m (My rank:#4, $.5m Off)

Yeah, 3.5 percent variance is no joke. You don’t just luck your way into that. It takes dedication and legwork. Does it feel good to be the world’s best Oracle? You bet it does.

5. Nacho Libre $6.1m (My rank:#7, $1.3m Off)

Well hey now, it sorta made a comeback with only a 50 percent drop. I thought it would face a little worse public love but I guess half the people like this style of offbeat comedy, half don’t. I’m with the half that left scratching their heads.

6. The Lake House $4.5m (My rank:#5, $1.1m Off)

I was really unimpressed by Sandra Bullock in this one. It seemed like she had a serious career going and then she started taking cash roles where she was a model/FBI agent or Hugh Grant’s assistant who loves him. For an encore she married a guy who builds motorcycles. Next up, Cinemax!

7. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift $4.4m (My rank:#8, $1.6m Off)

Well, it looks like my review finally reached the masses only a month after the fact. This is a more entertaining film than Superman Returns and it’s shorter too. If you can ignore Lucas Black you’ll really love it.

8. Waist Deep $3.3m (My rank:#6, $1.7m Off)

Crushed in week two so this is all for this one. Knockout, good game guys. We can put the Tyrese being a star rumors to rest.

9. The Break-Up $2.8m (My rank:#9, $.4m Off)

I really have run out of things to say on this one. I will say to you 43 people who have given Superman Returns its A grade user rating I’d like to meet you out back. This clear flouting of my official reviews will not stand.

10. The Da Vinci Code $2.3m (My rank:#10, $.1m Off)

The fact that I was 100 grand off means like one busload of seniors (elderly) made the trip into town to see it. I want to start getting credit for these near misses like they do in no tap bowling.

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