Box-Office Wrap-Up: June 16 – June 18


Wow. Nasty weekend. If it weren’t for pitiful #9 and #10 right I would’ve gotten skunked this weekend. I actually had the Cars drop-off close I just screwed the FF3 potential. I should’ve known the bankable box office star wasn’t there so the audiences wouldn’t be there either. I underestimated Nacho Libre a bit because I forgot that Jack Black was the only big name in the top three. Live and learn I say, either that or live and let die.

1. Cars $31.1m (My rank:#2, $2.8m Off)
Hey, what are you doing up here? Animations are supposed to splash big and then fade away, much like noble political ideals.

2. Nacho Libre $27.5m (My rank:#3, $4.5m Off)

The comedy here comes from Jack Black’s smirks, accent, and eyebrows. I’m not sure how much word of mouth that’s going to generate… it’s a real proxy on the state of American comedy tastes.

3. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift $24.0m (My rank:#1, $12.3m Off)

You people didn’t guzzle the Tokyo Drift? What’s up with that? It was way funnier than Nacho Libre. I don’t know guys, sometimes I feel like this relationship is pretty one sided.

4. The Lake House $13.6m (My rank:#5, $3.6m Off)

Not a big opening for the reunion. I think people have trouble with the time flux thing. Makes perfect sense to me, I’m so rarely aware when bills are due.

5. The Break-Up $9.5m (My rank:#6, $1.5m Off)

So I’ve wanted to do this romantic comedy for a long time where the first 99 percent is really touching and sweet and then have the main female lead get hit by a bus. The audience wouldn’t see it coming. Oddly enough not a ton of investment dollars are being thrown my way on this one but I think word of mouth would be incredible. You telling me you wouldn’t have a friend see that just so they could be as screwed over as you?

6. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties $7.2m (My rank:#4, $10.5m Off)

Destroyed. Gutted. Beat down. Clearly there are more smart Americans than I thought. Though you may eat paste in your off time you draw the line at Garfield. Well played there mates.

7. X-Men: The Last Stand $7.1m (My rank:#8, DEAD ON)

Stand in the place where you were. Now face north. Hey, why don’t DC and Marvel team up for a movie? Wouldn’t it just be huge money to throw Superman in an X-Men film? Maybe I’m crazy. That’s what the doc says anyway.

8. The Omen $5.3m (My rank:#7, $2.9m Off)

Knock knock. Who’s there? The Omen. The Omen who? The Omen should go away and die.

9. The Da Vinci Code $5.0m (My rank:#9, $.2m Off)

This was named one of the top 25 controversial movies of all time. Really? I can’t think of one person in the world who thinks it’s relevant even a month later. Doesn’t controversy imply people care? Whatevs.

10. Over the Hedge $4.0m (My rank:#10, $.4m Off)

The last weekend in the top ten for you little trooper, but don’t be sad. We’ve got some nice parting gifts and a lifetime supply of Spam meat product for you. Sayonara!

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