Weaving Replaces Purefoy in ‘V for Vendetta’

With the ill-fated Aussie pic Eucalyptus hitting the skids Hugo Weaving has found himself with a bit of free time, but not any more as Variety reports the former Agent Smith will be replacing James Purefoy in the Wachowski Brothers’ produced action/drama V for Vendetta for director James McTeigue.

Purefoy has left the production for undisclosed reasons leaving a spot for Weaving, who last acted as Agent Smith in the Wachowski’s popular sci-fi venture the Matrix trilogy.

Weaving will star opposite Natalie Portman as the title vigilante character known as V in the film based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and illustrator David Lloyd.

Production is already under way in Berlin with a November 4th release date currently set, it is unknown if this casting change will affect that release date.


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