‘Faces of Death’ for the New Millennium!


I remember being scared out of my mind by what Aint-It-Cool-News refers to as a “pseudo snuff film” in the 80s. That was Faces of Death the 1987 version, a.k.a. The Worst Faces of Death. These films attempted to be horror documentaries. Thankfully it looks as though Hollywood is bringing them back and improving them!

I can’t resist this snippet from the article, A young, sexy group of kids have to figure out why all these strange deaths are happening in their small town, and they link them back to the original tapes. What would any horror movie be without a “young, sexy group of kids”?

Ain’t-It-Cool was able to catch up with Don Murphy over at AngryFilms (Natural Born Killers) and learned that they will indeed be attempting to give Faces of Death a franchise treatment despite the original’s daunting tagline “Often Imitated, Never Equaled.”

The only question I have is how far will they go, and fortunately I don’t have to wait for the answer as Murphy continued by saying, “We’ll redo some of the sequences from the original – electrocutions, autopsies, on air suicide, alligators tearing folks apart – scary stuff.”

Good God, click here to read the rest of the article.

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