Are the Jetsons Set for the Big Screen?


It appears that with today’s news of another Garfield picture that a more plausible effort may be in the works over at Warner Bros. as is reporting that all the studio is doing is waiting on Steve Martin to come aboard to play George Jetson. It does look, however, that this will not be an animated picture as hopes are to make it a live-action feature, here is what the site had to say:

In other cartoon-to-live-action news, Warner Brothers is said to be currently casting for the big-screen adaptation of “The Jetsons,” with rumor that the Studio is waiting for Steve Martin to come on board and play the role of George Jetson. As with previous Hanna-Barbera features, the film will bring CGI into the mix. The Jetsons Movie looks to be in the pipeline for late 2006.

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Thanks to ‘Hunter’ for the heads up!

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