‘Fox’ Acquires the ‘Men in the Sea’

20th Century Fox keeps up with the action business with a new film for Flight of the Phoenix helmer John Moore as the studio has recently acquired the rights to Michael Krieger’s novel, “All the Men in the Sea: The Untold Story of One of the Greatest Rescues in History“.

Tony Gayton, scribe for such films as The Salton Sea and Murder by Numbers has been hired to adapt the book which tells the story of the divers and seamen of Barge 269, a cargo ship caught in the path of Hurricane Roxanne’s 90-mph winds and 45-foot waves in 1995.

If you are unfamiliar with John Moore’s work, which I was before Phoenix definitely check out the making-of featurette on the Flight of the Phoenix DVD as you will see him berate just about every last member on his film crew. It is quite entertaining, especially considering he wasn’t putting together the next cinematic masterpiece.


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