2005 Screen Actors Guild Award Winners

As we inch ever so close to the Oscar Awards we must celebrate not only the Golden Globe Award winners, but the winners picked by the celebs themselves and what could be better than a night spent with the stars at the 2005 Screen Actors Guild Awards where actors make known their favorites for the year by awarding them the coveted Actor Award.

While the Screen Actors Guild Awards don’t necessarily serve as a good predictor for the Oscars they certainly are important to the actors who receive the awards considering it is their peers that are handing them out.

To tell you the truth I was never ready for what was about to come as Paul Giamatti had missed out on an Oscar nomination bid and as Sideways had not performed as well as anticipated at the Golden Globes, but for the film to come out of the cellar and take home the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast is quite an accomplishment and for the cast of that film to realize what their peers truly feel of them has to be quite a rush.

Million Dollar Baby also enjoyed quite the night at the SAGs bringing home both Supporting Actor Awards, along with many others, click here to check out the full list as we move straight into the final weeks until Oscar night.


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