Bruno is Next for Sacha Baron Cohen


Sacha Baron Cohen is ready to follow “Borat” with two starring film roles, reports Variety.

Cohen is firming plans to next star in Bruno, the picture based on his fashion reporter character. Universal will distribute in the U.S. and other English-speaking territories.

After Baron Cohen completes that film, his intention is to follow with Dinner for Schmucks, a DreamWorks remake of the French comic hit Le Diner de Cons, from Francis Veber. A deal has not been closed and the timing of that project is still indefinite.

Jay Roach will direct “Dinner” and Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are producing. The French film focused on a weekly dinner party held by a Paris publisher who challenges his friends to bring the most pathetic guest to the gathering. Cohen will play a character blessed with such extraordinary schmuckiness that he can destroy the personal life of anyone with whom he comes in contact.