Jurassic World Dominion Lego Sets Announced

Jurassic World Dominion Lego Sets Announced

It’s not uncommon for movies to get branded Lego sets and Jurassic World Dominion is one of the latest films to get blockified. Lego announced a few sets that tie into the film, showing a whole host of recognizable dinosaurs and characters.

There are seven Lego sets (one of which is a Duplo set) that all range from $19.99 to $79.99 and will come out on April 17, 2022, which is about two months before the film. These sets seem to imply certain events in the movies, which means they could possibly spoil some of its action scenes.

The first is the Duplo Dinosaur Nursery set. It is aimed at younger audiences and has a Triceratops, Pteranodon, and Brachiosaurus along with Claire Dearing and some various bits of fauna. It will be $19.99.

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The Pteranodon Chase is the second set and first Lego set and will also be $19.99. It comes with minifigures of Maisie Lockwood and Owen Grady as well as a truck, Pteradon, and fish stall.

The third set is the T. rex Dinosaur Breakout. This set comes with a big T. rex, helicopter, vehicle, fence, and minifigures of Owen and Zia Rodriguez. This is a $49.99 set.

Atrociraptor Bike Chase is the fourth set and will cost $19.99. It has an Atrociraptor, two small dinosaur figures, a battle pit, a market, a motorcycle, and minifigures of Rainn Delacourt and Owen.

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The Blue and Beta Velociraptor Capture is the next set and will be $29.99. The set comes with a truck, the raptor Blue, a truck, a bike, a dinosaur cage, a trap, and minifigures of Rainn and Maisie.

Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush is the penultimate set and will be $49.99. It is the most simple of the bunch, it mainly comes with two big pieces as opposed to a variety of tiny one. The set has a Quetzalcoatlus, a whole helicopter, and minifigures of Owen, Claire, and Kayla Watts.

T. rex and Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout is the biggest and most expensive one of the bunch, coming in at $79.99. The grand set comes with a market, T. rex, truck, enclosure for the T. rex, an Atrociraptor, and minifigures of Owen, Claire, Rainn, and Soyona Santos.

Lego and the Jurassic Park and World series have collaborated before. Lego had released various sets for the two prior Jurassic World movies near their respective releases and a handful of ones from the series (including Jurassic Park) outside of the related film’s release window. The company also just announced three new sets last week, two of which were based on the new film while the third was from Jurassic Park. In 2015, TT Games developed the Lego Jurassic World video game. There was also a 2018 television special called Lego Jurassic World: The Secret Exhibit and the miniseries from 2019 called Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar.


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