Crossovers: 15 MORE Actors Who Appeared in Marvel & DC Movies


Crossovers: 15 MORE actors who appeared in Marvel & DC movies

Crossovers: 15 MORE actors who appeared in Marvel & DC movies

Last year, we published a piece about crossovers between actors in Marvel Studios and DC Comics movies. A lot of our readers chimed in with actors we overlooked, and in that time several prominent performers have joined the ranks of playing characters from both universes. Check out the new crossovers piece in out gallery below!

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One of the main reasons we decided to do another feature was our delight that Michael Keaton was returning to the superhero world this summer with Spider-Man: Homecoming. We thought Keaton was too busy making Oscar-bait movies like Birdman, Spotlight and the McDonald’s biopic The Founder to go back to the superhero world. Those who like their prestige Keaton can enjoy his energetic performance as the devious businessman Ray Kroc in The Founder on the new Blu-ray which came out this week. Click here to order The Founder on Blu-ray, although unfortunately you can’t Super-Size It for $2 more.

Were there any other Marvel/DC crossover actors we overlooked after this piece and the last one? Let us know in the comments below!