Exclusive: Ellis Knightly on the Wonder of Mr. Timms


Though Ellis Knightly may not be a household name (yet), stories of his fascinating mission reached the offices of ComingSoon.net and, immediately, every attempt was made to track him down.

Moved by the epiphanic nature of a small plastic fish known only as Mr. Timms, Knightly has dedicated his life to spreading the word by spreading Mr. Timms himself. Running a booth at Comic-Con, Knightly and his daughters, Mia and PJ, distributed hundreds of plastic Mr. Timms toys to attendees, preaching his message of peace and good will.

Though the history of Mr. Timms is unknown (no trace of him has turned up online or in historical documents), Ellis Knightly’s own story is fascinating. He agreed to meet in a small park in Venice, California for an exclusive interview.

Watch Ellis’s story below (which, at the risk of editorializing, may be the single most important story of our time) and visit him online at MrTimms.com: