Exclusive: Check Out the First Clip from The Pyramid!



Longtime collaborators Alexadre Aja and Gregory Levasseur – the duo who have given us films like High TensionThe Hills Have Eyes and Piranha – come together once again for The Pyramid, except their roles have been reversed. Instead of Aja sitting in the director’s seat, Levasseur is at the helm and Aja is wearing the producer cap. The film opens on December 5th and, this morning, we have the very first clip to exclusively share with you.

In The Pyramid, the ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who’ve dared to uncover their secrets. But a team of U.S. archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren’t just trapped, they are being hunted.

The clip below introduces you to the opening of the eponymous location. And even though, yes, the whole thing is shot from the perspective of a character’s camera…Aja has gone on the record to state that the film is not “found footage.”

Ashley Hinshaw, James Buckley, Denis O’Hare, Christa-Marie Nicola and Amir K star in the film.