The Editor Gets a Really Great Poster


The Editor poster Justin EricksonAs if the original retro poster for The Editor wasn’t enough (the one you see on the right), the film has received another one-sheet from artist Graham Humphreys.

The cast is terrific: Paz de la Huerta (always an interesting choice because you never know what you’re going to get!), Samantha Hill, Adam Brooks, Laurence R. Harvey and Udo Kier star.

The film concerns film editor Rey Cisco (played Brooks), a man who works tirelessly and has four wooden fingers on his right hand.  Stress plagues his life and things take a turn when the body count begins to rise at the studio he works for.  As the description goes, “as this meta-movie build to a frenzied climax, you’re forced to question everything you’ve seen.”

If you missed out on the teaser trailer, click on over to this previous news item and give it a spin.

The film debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival. Head to the official TIFF page for ticket information and more.

The Editor