Manborg, Father’s Day Duo Team With Udo Kier for The Editor

Udo Kier and Tristan Risk are set to star in The Editor, a new film from directors Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy (Manborg, Father's Day).  Kier is, of course, a genre vet and Tristan Risk was seen earlier this year in the Soska twins' American Mary.

Written by Brooks and Kennedy, The Editor is described as a tribute to the Italian giallo genre.  Cameras have not start rolling yet as the film is in early pre-production, but we have a look at the killer poster art by Justin Erickson (whose name will be familiar to those who collector horror prints).

The film concerns film editor Rey Cisco (played by Adam Brooks), a man who works tirelessly and has four wooden fingers on his right hand.  Stress plagues his life and things take a turn when the body count begins to rise at the studio he works for.  As the description goes, "as this meta-movie build to a frenzied climax, you're forced to question everything you've seen."

The Editor poster Justin Erickson


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