Comic-Con: Three Things You Should Know from the True Blood Panel

True Blood season 7The cast of HBO’s True Blood made their last appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. The show has wrapped production and the cable network is currently airing the seventh and final season, which continues to follow the sexy and twisted tale of vampires and locals in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

While executive producer Bryan Buckner was on hand to keep spoilery talk to a minimum, he along with a few members of the cast did confirm some things that will be happening as this last season plays out.

First, we have not seen the last of Rutina Westley’s Tara Thornton…even though Sookie’s best friend-turned-vampire was killed early in the season by another vampire. Neither Buckner or Westley would confirm just when, how or under what circumstances fans will get to see Tara again, but they will.

Second, signs are pointing to a fresh romance for new bar owner Arlene Bellefleur after some sparks (and life-saving) took place involving her and a good-looking vamp named Keith. Actress Carrie Preston also hinted at a possible sex scene coming between the two characters.

“I don’t think you introduce a hot new vampire without doing something with him,” she told attendees at the True Blood panel. “Maybe there is some stuff coming out with Arlene and Keith that I’ve never had to do on camera before.”

Lastly, will Bill and Sookie reunite and ride off into the moonlight in the finale? Buckner gave a hesitant ‘maybe’ to the prospects of the former lovers coming together again.

“This show worked because of the chemistry between these two,” he said. “I felt coming into this that we had to go back to Bill and Sookie. How we’re doing it, we’re not telling you.”

True Blood airs Sunday nights on HBO. 


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