Exclusive Look at Waxworks Records’ Rosemary’s Baby Vinyl, Art By Jay Shaw!

Waxwork Records Rosemary's BabyNow that my vinyl obsession is in full-swing, I'm especially happy to announce that we've landed an exclusive first-look at the latest offering from Waxwork Records, the company out of New Orleans responsible for this year's Re-Animator and Day of the Dead vinyls.  The team there has been teasing a release of Christopher Komeda's score of the 1968 classic, Rosemary's Baby, and we have the details and package art, by Jay Shaw, to share with you.

Available on January 28, 2014, Rosemary's Baby will be available on clear 180 gram vinyl.  The score has been remixed and mastered for vinyl from the original analog master tapes and is the definitive and most comphrehensive presentation.  

Pre-orders will begin Tuesday, December 10th at WaxworkRecords.com.  The package promises to contain in-depth liner notes and unreleased production stills as well.

Two limited variants will be available:

500 randomly inserted units pressed on 180 gram black and crystal clear center hazy vinyl.

The first 200 customers, meanwhile, will receive a special super variant of the score presented in a never-before-created, first of its kind vinyl effect: An independently double-colored/sided record.  Side A features a baby blue marble.  Side B features a deep blood red marble.  This variant is a solid 12" LP (not two records connected together) and weighs 200 grams.

Track List:


1. Main Title 2. Furnishing the Apartment 3. Chanting 4. Dream 5. Lullaby 6. The Pain 7. How to Prepare a Good Steak / The Ear 8. Holiday Music 9. After the Call to Hutch 10. Good Appetite 11. Lullaby / Crib Sequence


12. Scrabble 13. Book About Witchcraft 14. The Horrible Doctor 15. The Fragrance 16. The Horrible Doctor #2 17. The Short Dream 18. Iron Bars / Elevator Life / Dr. Sapirstein and Syringe 19. Path to the Pit of Evil #1 20. Path to the Pit of Evil #2 & #3 21. What Have You Done? 22. End Title

Waxwork Records Rosemary's Baby