John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Gets Release Date, Track List Revealed

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes – that new solo album we’ve been telling you about all last month – now has a release date of February 3rd. Sacred Bones Records is handling the release and, as we told you last week, you can hear the first track, “Vortex,” here.

Jesse von Doom, the creator of the

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Album Has a Home, Listen to the First Track

If you were not at Beyond Fest then you certainly read it at Shock first that John Carpenter was aligning with a record company to put out a “Lost Themes” album. Today, more info has been revealed regarding that album, furthermore, you can hear a track as well!
It appears Sacred Bones Records will be bringing this thing to life. If you go to their site now, you’ll find their landing page has a sample called “Vortex.” It is very much in line Carpenter’s “vibe.”

Mondo to Release Goldenthal’s Pet Sematary Score on Vinyl

Justin Ishmael of Mondo released an awesome tease via his Instagram yesterday. I suspect we’ll see an official “announcement” later today or tomorrow (Thursday). He posted a picture of the package art you see here of a Pet Sematary vinyl that will be available to order on Friday. That’s right, Elliot Goldenthal’s score is being released. And that artwork is magnificent. Would love to get that on my wall.

Death Waltz & One Way Static Team for Cannibal Holocaust Vinyl

Details are scarce but both Death Waltz Records and One Way Static Records made a joint announcement this morning. Both companies are teaming up for a release of Riz Ortolani’s Cannibal Holocaust score.
The notorious film, by Ruggero Deodato, recently returned to select theaters thanks to Grindhouse Releasing who, I’m sure, also has a hand in bringing the upcoming Cannibal Holocaust vinyl to life.

Waxwork Records Reveals Trick ‘r Treat OST Details!

Waxwork Records has officially announced the release of Douglas Pipes’ score for Trick ‘r Treat on vinyl. Pre-orders begins on October 14th at the Waxworks site.
Waxwork Records has worked closely with both Michael Dougherty, Douglas Pipes, and Legendary Pictures to create the ultimate b soundtrack experience.

With their stamp of approval, this deluxe LP is as official a Trick ‘r Treat product as they come.

This expanded double LP features over an hour of music that has been mastered for vinyl and supervised by the composer.

Beyond Fest Photo Gallery: Get a Look at Death Waltz’s House of the Devil Vinyl

Death Waltz Records unleashes its The House of the Devil vinyl at Beyond Fest tonight and we were able to snap off a few shots of the package. It’s quite a work of art that would please Satan himself. Keep checking Death Waltz’s site and Twitter account to learn when the leftover stock will be available to everyone else. Tom Hodge provided the cover design. Director Ti West, composer Jeff Grace and others whipped up some liner notes.

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Event Report: Texas Chain Saw Massacre Live Score An Aggressive, Still Terrifying…

Closing out the first ever MondoCon with a scream, Death Waltz Records brought its unique, refreshing mindset for event programming to Austin, Texas with a screening of that 4k restoration of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that’s been touring around the country this year. For fans of the film who have likely already devoured this 40th anniversary print, or for those seeking a different kind of experience, there was a twist to the screening. Tobe Hooper’s seminal, nightmarish classic was accompanied by a live score by Anton Maiovvi and Umberto.
Death Waltz delivered a similar experience in Los Angeles last year when it welcomed Umberto to live score Juan Piquer Sim