Waxwork Records Reveals Trick ‘r Treat OST Details!

Waxwork Records has officially announced the release of Douglas Pipes’ score for Trick ‘r Treat on vinyl. Pre-orders begins on October 14th at the Waxworks site.
Waxwork Records has worked closely with both Michael Dougherty, Douglas Pipes, and Legendary Pictures to create the ultimate b soundtrack experience.

With their stamp of approval, this deluxe LP is as official a Trick ‘r Treat product as they come.

This expanded double LP features over an hour of music that has been mastered for vinyl and supervised by the composer.

MondoCon: Waxwork Reveals Plans for Trick ‘r Treat Vinyl

Waxwork Records used this weekend’s MondoCon in Austin, Texas as an opportunity to announce its October plans: A vinyl release of the score for Trick ‘r Treat, the Halloween-themed anthology horror film directed by Michael Dougherty.
The pics you see here were taken at Waxwork’s booth where the package was on display.

The score was done by Douglas Pipes (Monster House) and package art is by Francesco Francavilla. Shock was told this would ship around Halloween, so stay tuned for order details.

Waxwork Announces Starry Eyes Soundtrack on Vinyl

Waxwork Records revealed today that it is handling the vinyl release of the Starry Eyes soundtrack. This is significant in that it’s the first contemporary score Waxwork is releasing. Previous releases include Re-Animator, Day of the Dead, Rosemary’s Baby, Creepshow and Chopping Mall. Friday the 13th is on the way later this month.
Starry Eyes’ score was composed by Room 237’s Jonathan Snipes. You can read my review of the film – which wowed me at SXSW – right here. Dark Sky Films is distributing; we’re just awaiting a release date. Get a sample of the score below.

Night of the Demons Soundtrack is Coming to Vinyl

?Vinyl hounds, listen up. Director Kevin Tenney dropped some big news via his Facebook page overnight and it concerns both Night of the Demons and Witchboard. Indie label Lunaris Records is the latest player in the horror vinyl game, joining the likes of Death Waltz Records, Waxwork Records and One Way Static Records. The company is at work on a CD/LP release of Street Trash and it looks like they’ve got both Night of the Demons and Witchboard on the way, too.

From Tenney…

Chopping Mall OST Art From Waxwork Records & Friday the 13th OST Release Date

Chopping Mall’s score is the next release from Waxwork Records and we’re learning today, via The Dissolve, that it will be available on July 29th. In addition to this, we’ve got a look at the package art and we have three tracks to share.

According to The Dissolve:

The record includes a 180-gram fluorescent-pink disc, liner notes by Cirino and Chopping Mall screenwriter Steve Mitchell, and full packaging artwork by Australian duo We Buy Your Kids. (There will also be a limited run of 500 neon yellow variants.)

Jay Shaw’s Friday the 13th Album Art Revealed!

Further proving that progress is being made on its vinyl presentation of the Friday the 13th score, Waxwork Records revealed this morning…the album cover art!

What you see here was created by Jay Shaw, the artist behind a ton of great Mondo releases, moreover, the album art for Waxwork Records’ previous record release of the Rosemary’s Baby score. What do you think of it?

Upcoming Friday the 13th Vinyl Teased By Waxwork Records

At some point this year, Waxwork Records is going to release Harry Manfredini’s Friday the 13th score on vinyl. While I’m very eager to see who they chose to design the package, I, of course, cannot wait to hear what it sounds like. And, overnight, Waxwork presented a teaser video – via Instagram – with a snippet of the score. Give it a listen here.

Waxwork, to date, has released the scores for Re-Animator, Day of the Dead, Rosemary’s Baby and Creepshow on vinyl.

Waxwork Records Now Tackling An ’80s Cult Fave

?Waxwork Records posted an announcement today via its Twitter account. The company behind the Re-Animator and Rosemary’s Baby soundtracks on vinyl revealed it will be handling the OST release of 1986’s Chopping Mall, by composer Chuck Cirino.