Bruce Campbell Wants to Set the Record Straight About Army of Darkness 2, And He Feels Bad for You


Bruce Campbell Wants to Set the Record Straight About Army of Darkness 2, And He Feels Bad for YouIt began with Rob Tapert.  The producer of the Evil Dead films hinted at an Army of Darkness 2 back in March when he was asked about the prospect of another entry in the Sam Raimi-directed series.  He stated the film – if there ever was another one – would not be Evil Dead 4, but Army of Darkness 2.  This set off a firestorm of rumors and hopeful rumblings that we might see Bruce Campbell play Ash one more time.

Later, at WonderCon, Evil Dead remake helmer Fede Alvarez and Campbell teased sequels, Army of Darkness 2 and a cross-over film.

But now, in spite of Campbell being quoted at a convention confirming AoD2 is in the works, now says it's all bullshit.

"It's all Internet b.s. – there's no reality whatsoever.  These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi's mouth, next thing you know, we're making a sequel," he told our pal Erin Darling at Comikaze in Los Angeles (see the full video inside).

He goes on to talk about the spread of misinformation and how the Internet has blown it out of proportion and how he feels bad for the fans who are holding onto hope.

But this is where I have to disagree with Campbell: There are a handful of responsible sites – like Shock – that have only reported on Army of Darkness 2 when we're quoting either Campbell, Raimi, Tapert or Alvarez.  So, what's the issue here?  We're quoting YOU, Bruce.  We're following your lead so stick with a story.  (Also, it seems a tad suspect when Tapert retweets and favorites any news we run about Army of Darkness 2, leading me to believe the stories are close to some truth.)  Are we to assume all public discussion about the sequel has been just a joke?  If so, bummer, considering you know the rabid fanbase these films has.  Maybe we need a break – a break from reporting anything on these films until, as you say, something official comes from the production company…operated by you guys.

Darling went on to ask about the whole Fede Alvarez/Evil Dead 2 scenario that played out last week.  Campbell says Alvarez has moved on to another film.  Again, this is in spite of Alvarez taking to Twitter last week to say he's still on board Evil Dead 2, which is absolutely possible.  It just won't be the next movie he does.







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