Jane Levy Doesn’t Know Much About Evil Dead 2

Pure click bait article time, I’m prone to it too, but I’ll preface this with: Remember back in May when Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez said Evil Dead 2 would be made when the time was right? Well, take that into account before reading further, just so you have a sense of perspective here.

Fede Alvarez: Evil Dead 2 Will Happen When the Time is Right

Evil Dead helmer Fede Alvarez directs tomorrow night’s episode of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (airing at 9pm on El Rey) and Shock had a moment to speak with him this morning about not just his contributions to that show’s bloodsucker-filled universe but about the status of Evil Dead 2 as well.

It seems the sequel’s momentum has waned since the first film debuted last year grossing $97 million worldwide at the box office. But Alvarez wouldn’t exactly say it’s losing steam, it’s merely about waiting for the right idea.

Bruce Campbell Wants to Set the Record Straight About Army of Darkness 2, And He…

It began with Rob Tapert.  The producer of the Evil Dead films hinted at an Army of Darkness 2 back in March when he was asked about the prospect of another entry in the Sam Raimi-directed series.  He stated the film – if there ever was another one – would not be Evil Dead 4, but Army of Darkness 2.  This set off a firestorm of rumors and hopeful rumblings that we might see Bruce Campbell play Ash one more time.

Later, at WonderCon, Evil Dead remake helmer Fede Alvarez and Campbell teased sequels, Army of Darkness 2 and a cross-over film.

But now, in spite of Campbell being quoted at a convention confirming AoD2 is in the works, now says it’s all bullshit.

“It’s all Internet b.s. – there’s no reality whatsoever.  These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel,” he told our pal Erin Darling at Comikaze in Los Angeles (see the full video inside).

Internet Screws Up, Evil Dead 2 Director, Writing Team Still On Board

May we – and by that I mean the collective Internet, including Shock – should all just simmer down and not jump on every ounce of Evil Dead-related news until stuff becomes official, eh?  “That’ll teach ya,” as a wise man named Ash once said in a film called Army of Darkness.  “That’ll teach ya.”

Yesterday, news hit – via the co-writer of this year’s Evil Dead remake, Rodo Sayagues – that both he and director Fede Alvarez walked away from the project.

Not so, apparently.

Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues Have Walked Away from Evil Dead 2

This story has been updated here.

Funny how “film development” plays out in the press.  Back in March, Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez told a crowd at SXSW that work had begun on the script for a sequel to the hit remake.

Months later, when Shock caught up to Alvarez at Comic-Con, it didn’t sound like much progress had been made at all.

“When there’s a story to be told, that’s when the sequel is good … We’re just trying to figure out what story we want to tell,” Alvarez said to me, implying a script didn’t exist at all.  Now comes word that Alvarez and his Evil Dead co-writer Rodo Sayagues are no longer on board the sequel.

No Evil Dead 4

Last night at the post-premiere Q&A for the South by SouthWest Film Festival premiere of Evil Dead, director Fede Alvarez revealed that they’re already writing the sequel to the remake, which we’re going to dub Evil Dead 2 until a better title comes along.

But just last week, Sam Raimi revealed that he and his brother Ted are working on a screenplay for an Evil Dead 4, which would presumably follow the further adventures of Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams.

Could they have been talking about the same project or is it possible that sometime in the future we may have competing Evil Dead franchises, both involving Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell? Not exactly.

Work Has Begun On a Script for Evil Dead 2

Some breaking news out of SXSW where we have a few reporters on the scene at the very first public screening for the Evil Dead remake.

Director Fede Alvarez told the crowd this evening that they have begun writing Evil Dead 2.  Yes, a sequel to the remake is “officially” in the works.  That demonstrates the studio (Sony, in this case) is confident in the remake, as are the producers (Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell) – and they should be given the response the film received tonight in Austin, Texas.