Shock Till You Drop’s Choice Cuts Heads to iTunes


Download them for free

Choice Cuts, Shock Till You Drop’s regular video series, has finally (and I mean, finally) made the leap to iTunes.

Many of this site’s regular readers had, in the past, asked me to make the show available to download. Thanks to the Crave Online team, they made it happen. At the time of this writing, the show’s page at iTunes needs some updating, and only the first 21 episodes are available, but adjustments are being made.

If this is your introduction to Choice Cuts, well, the show is a platform to interview special guests, chat about specific films and to go on location from time to time (conventions, or, Tom Holland’s house, for instance).

The episodes are free to download – and, to be honest – there’s much more focus to them content-wise after the first two or three installments (I started with news re-caps which I didn’t feel was the right format for the show).

Begin downloading RIGHT HERE!

Source: Ryan Turek, Managing Editor