A Review for the New Nightmare on Elm Street


Slick but no substance…

A test screening review of A Nightmare on Elm Street is in courtesy of a sneaky Ain’t It Cool News reader.

The verdict? He says “it needs work.”

In this spoiler-ridden critique, the reader says, “Bay and the director obviously wanted to Dark Knight/Saw it up by adding layer of grit and reality to A Nightmare on Elm Street. The set and makeup departments did an excellent job: Freddy looks like a freakish burn victim, many of the dream and flashback scenes are dark and have that ‘Silent Hill’ feel. It’s like they watched a bunch of great horror films for inspiration… but with the sound muted. ANoES’s story, dialog and acting don’t quite match the imagery. The beautiful scenes in the trailer led me to believe this remake might be a serious Hellraiser caliber horror film… maybe not Jacob’s Ladder but possibly Midnight Meat Train. I’m afraid to say as it’s in The Unbornterritory: slick production value with little meat to sink your teeth into.”

The Platinum Dunes team prides itself on good looking films, so it’s no surprise Nightmare is a handsome film. As for the rest…it’s still early. We’re six months out from the April 30 release. There’s plenty of time to tinker.

Source: AICN