Goyer’s Invisible Man Sequel Update


When could he be shooting?

At Comic-Con, writer and director David Goyer filled us in on the details concerning his sequel to The Invisible Man for Universal (I suggest you click on the link before proceeding to catch up).

The afternoon following a press screening of The Unborn, I let him know that it didn’t slip past me that star Odette Yustman has the 1933 original Invisible Man on the television in the opening of the film. “That’s a hopeful homage to my future self, we’ll see,” says Goyer. He was writing the script when we last spoke, so where’s he at now? “I’m done with the script and I’m turning it in in the next couple of weeks. Fortunately or unfortunately, some of whether or not it goes will depend on the performance of The Unborn. I know they’re interested.”

Has the release date shift of The Wolfman affected the project’s greenlight potential in any way? Not really, still, “I’m actually glad they moved The Wolfman, selfishly. Because if it wasn’t successful, they’d say Oh… Because they’re really interested in redoing the Universal monsters, as well they should be. By the time The Wolfman comes out we could be shooting. Fingers crossed.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor