Editorial: In Defense of 2010’s The Wolfman

Of the core Universal Monsters, the big three are Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and the Wolf Man. This is an undeniable fact. Of those, two are based on books, while the third is a product of a screenplay. Now both Frankenstein and Dracula were gothic novels that have been adapted large and small over the years with varying degrees of success (or dare I say appreciation). However, the Wolf Man has no great gothic novel to draw atmosphere and grandeur from and often relies on cliched tropes to flesh out its film. All that changed when Universal took The Wolf Man and remade it with The Wolfman (notice the subtle title change?) with grand style that gave the monster a lush playground to feed in.

Check Out Rick Baker’s First Wolfman Personal Makeup Test

It’s “follow Friday” over at Twitter, so why not take a moment to throw some love Rick Baker’s way. If you’re on Twitter, you should be following the FX maestro’s account. There, he posts pics of early works and other side projects he tinkers around with. I bring this up today because Baker took a moment this morning to post something you may or may not have seen before: An early Wolfman test make-up that he applied on himself.

Baker says he did this months before they began filming.