Update! Rob Zombie Returning for Halloween 2?

Tyrannosaurus Rex muzzled for now

Update – 11:59pm Pacific: Trancas International tells us they are sending out a press release regarding the sequel in the next day or so. It appears we may be on the money with this. This afternoon, I put in one call to one of Zombie’s reps and received a “no comment.” In regards to something of this nature, I fully understand that the producers would want to give it a proper break in the trade papers. So, if confirmation does indeed come down in the coming days, just remember where you read it first!

Too good to let slide until we get some hard facts, a morsel of info has come our way regarding a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

It’s been widely reported at this point that Inside helmers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo have parted ways with Dimension Films and Trancas International’s proposed Halloween 2, leaving the door open to anyone. An insider phoned in this afternoon exclusively informing ShockTillYouDrop.com that Rob Zombie may reprise his duties as director and carry on the new Myers legacy that he forged with Tyler Mane behind the mask.

Where does that leave Tyrannosaurus Rex? Well, according to our source, the project is on hold for now since Halloween 2 is expected to start shooting in March. But questions remain: If this is true, has Zombie been at work on a story? Is a script complete? Will a script be complete by March? The man is busy hatching his new album, where’s his focus?

There’s much to consider.

I’ve put phone calls and e-mails in to all parties potentially involved. Now we just wait for a confirmation or a denial.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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