Rollins Joins Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper in Suck


More plot details on the horror comedy

Filming began on in Toronto on Rob Stefaniuk’s vampire horror-comedy Suck this week. The production boasts an impressive cast of rockers like Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby, Henry Rollins, Alex Lifeson, Dimitri Coates and Carol Pope. Even Cooper’s daughter, Calico, has jumped on board.

Written and directed by Stefaniuk, Suck is about a group of musical wannabees in search of immortality and a record deal. The rock band The Winners have sunk so low, they will do anything to make it big. After a life-changing encounter with a vampire, they rocket to stardom only to discover that fame and fortune are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Stefaniuk (Phil the Alien) stars as the lead singer of The Winners, Jessica Pare (Wicker Park) plays bass and is the first band member to succumb to the blood lust. Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Halloween) plays a vampire hunter who is afraid of the dark and Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) is the band’s manager.

Coates, meanwhile, is the vampire who converts the band. Pope will play a club manager, Rollins, a radio show host, and Moby, the lead singer in the rock band Secretaries of Steak. Iggy Pop plays a music producer and Calico is a bar maid alongside Alice Cooper who plays a sinister bartender who haunts the lead singer.

Paul Anthony, Mike Lobel, Chris Ratz, Barbara Mamabolo and Nicole DeBoer co-star.

Suck is being produced by Capri Vision Inc. and Robin Crumley, Jeff Rogers and Victoria Hirst. Gabriella Martinelli (of Capri), Brad Peyton, Terry Markus, and Jeff Sackman are executive producing.