The Grudge 3 Trailer Premiere


Get a history lesson with new footage

Because you demanded it, Ghost House moved ahead and produced The Grudge 3. Now, before you scoff at the idea, know this comes from the director of Splinter, which won us over (review) and many other critics. Also, it was written by one of the collaborates on The Gravedancers, Brad Keene.

Just in time for Halloween comes the first trailer for this third entry which stars Shawnee Smith and Matthew Knight battling ghosts in a Chicago apartment complex. A good chunk of the preview catches you up on the events in the Grudge universe, but there’s still enough new jittery, black-haired ghost action for those of you out there who dig that sorta thing.

No official word yet on when this is being released. And yes, it’s going direct-to-DVD.

Source: UGO