The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles E3 Trailer Shows Gameplay

Capcom’s E3 showcase has taken place, and the company was keen to dole out a new gameplay trailer and a hefty amount of gameplay information about The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which hits the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC in July.

Previously only available as two separately-packaged titles by the name of Dai Gyakuten Saiban in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has been polished up and brought right up to date. Featuring Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo and the somewhat incredibly named Herlock Sholmes — no, we’re not joking — the game brings two new gameplay elements to the familiar Ace Attorney mix.

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The first of those elements— Dance of Deduction— sees Herlock make wildly inaccurate logical leaps to come to inaccurate conclusions. Ryunosuke and Susato must correct his errors and come up with new pieces of evidence. Elsewhere, Summation Examinations take place in the courtroom, with Ryunosuke trying to find things to which he can object in order to tilt the scales of justice in his favor and get the desired verdict.

It’ll all be kicking right off in old London town, guv’nor, when The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on July 21. The package will be available for $39.99, or $59.99 if you decide to plump for a special bundle that also contains the three Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney titles. Cor blimey!


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