New Home for Fear at Dimension

Rogue, Suspiria get Extreme

We’re all familiar with Dimension Films, now say hello to Dimension Extreme – one of three new labels cut from The Weinstein Company. The other two are “Kaleidoscope TWC,” a banner for family fare, and “The Miriam Collection,” where the brothers Weinstein will release refined films from overseas or from the vaults.

Under Dimension Extreme – a place for the “most intense, edgy and provocative programming” – the Weinstein’s will release a few titles languishing in limbo such as the New Zealand farmland gorefest Black Sheep (review), Greg McLean’s killer croc adventure Rogue and Pulse 2, a sequel to last year’s remake.

Also under this dark umbrella, the Weinsteins intend to give a newly-restored print of Dario Argento’s Suspiria a home. The print recently played to audiences at the Cannes Film Festival.

The focus with all three divisions is mostly direct-to-DVD but, on occasion, they will dabble in theatrical distribution.

Source: Ryan Rotten


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