Toronto! Brian Yuzna to Host Society Screening


Toronto! Brian Yuzna to Host Society Screening

Society: Brian Yuzna to attend special screening of his signature film at Toronto’s The Royal Cinema

Brian Yuzna is one of the most underrated names in horror and dark fantasy and has been responsible for slew of strange, irreverent and imaginative films. As a producer, he brought us films like Re-Animator and From Beyond and as a director, he gave us Bride of the Re-Animator, Faust, Return of the Living Dead III (our favorite) and tons of others. But certainly one of the horrific highlights of Yuzna’s weird-ass resume is his 1988 satire shocker Society, a movie that blends Invasion of the Body Snatchers with liberal doses of subversive social criticism.

If you’re in the Toronto area, you might want to get yourself over to the historic The Royal Cinema (608 College Street) on July 11th at 8pm when the Man, Yuzna himself, will be flying up from LA exclusively to screen Society and meet his fans and talk about this, his most deranged and outlandish work.

Though set in a contemporary post-Regan America, the themes of Society are timeless, with the upper classes depiicted as a cabal of shape-shifting, incestuous aliens who by day parade around high society in their finery but by night devolve into orgiastic blobs who literally feed upon the poor. The satire is on point and Screaming Mad George’s ball-out FX are still mind blowing.

The Royal’s in house programs Retropath! & Neon Dreams are co-presenting Society. Come and meet the legendary Yuzna and see his subversive, erotic, hilarious and downright disgusting giant middle finger to rich yuppies from the 1980s only in Toronto at The Royal!

For advance tickets go here.