Listen to the Sexy Song from Black Fawn’s The Heretics!


Listen to the Sexy Song from Black Fawn's The Heretics!

The Heretics: Black Fawn Films presents Steph Copeland’s official song for their latest chiller

Canadian horror and fantasy film machine Black Fawn Films continues to maraud with their brand of slick, stylish and splattery escapism with their latest chiller The Heretics, releasing later this year. And while the studio plans to release the official trailer for their pagan potboiler on June 27th, we have your first taste of the sound of the film, courtesy of composer Steph Copeland (the regular composer for Black Fawn’s films) and Tara Watts’ new song from the film “Closer to the Fire.”

Stephanie’s original work can be heard in  Antisocial, The Drownsman, Antisocial 2, Bite, Bed Of The Dead, Let Her Out and now, The Heretics.

“Steph’s work has guided our fans through the journey of our films and our careers. Her undying passion and dedication to the art blows our minds with every piece she creates. She’s a true artist and an integral part of our film’s successes,” says director Chad Archibald.

“My journey into scoring began with Black Fawn Films. The insane amount of love and energy the BFF team pour into every project is incredible and contagious. Each film has such a unique style and sound so we have a lot of fun developing and experimenting with the musical score. We have a short hand now and couldn’t ask for a better scenario working with friends this talented and driven,” says Copeland.

The Heretics will be traveling the festival circuit this summer/fall with a release date dropping soon. In the meantime, check out this song which mixes country twang with post-industrial electro. We dig it! Do you?

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