The Heretics Releases First Teaser Trailer


The Heretics Releases First Teaser Trailer

Supernatural Canadian horror film The Heretics releases first teaser trailer

In anticipation of its world premiere at the 2017 Canadian Film Fest (March 22nd, 9:30pm at the Scotiabank theater), Black Fawn Films’ latest horror film, The Heretics, has released its eerie first teaser trailer. The Heretics tells the pagan tale of a young girl who is abducted by a man, after he claims that a cult is hunting her. His goal is to protect her until sunrise but while restrained, the young girl falls deathly ill. While her friends and family search for her, the source of her illness becomes more and more apparent. She’s not sick…she’s changing.

The movie is directed by Bite and The Drownsman helmer Chad Archibald and produced by Antisocial director Cody Calahan, both central figures of the Black Fawn brand.

The Guelph-based Black Fawn team are like a family, with the same crew and often, casts, showing up to work on most of their efforts and to be on one of their sets is a casual, intimate affair. Funny that, after the relatively high profile festival, theatrical and video presence of Bite, that behind the smoke and mirrors is a mom and pop outfit that makes their pictures quick and dirty. You can read our first set report from The Heretics here.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

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