Check Out the Gotham Knights Trailer for WB Montreal’s New Game!

Check Out the New Trailer for WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights

WB Montreal has just unveiled a brand new trailer for its upcoming Gotham Knights video game during DC Fandome. You can check out the Gotham Knights trailer along with gameplay footage below!

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In the trailer, a deceased Bruce Wayne reaches out to the likes of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and the Red Hood to keep Gotham safe. And it’s a good thing too as the long speculated Court of Owls (from the popular comic series) has emerged to burn the long suffering city to the ground.

The footage is a little confusing as it appears to take place after Arkham Knight, where Bruce literally destroyed Batman and left the world believing he was dead, but shows Barbara Gordon acting as Batgirl sans wheelchair. Several have said this serves as a soft reboot, so that might just be a minor plot point we have to gloss over.

The trailer comes with the tagline “Step Into the Knight” and is expected to release sometime next year.

The walkthrough footage shows off some of the game’s unique fighting styles via Batgirl who must contend with a familiar icy foe.