Midnight Suns' Nico Minoru Gameplay Showcase Previews Magical Abilities

Midnight Suns Nico Minoru Gameplay Showcase Previews Magical Abilities

Following a teaser trailer that dropped a couple of days ago, the latest gameplay showcase for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is all about the magical witch Nico Minoru.

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The gameplay showcase comes courtesy of 2K NextMaker Christopher Odd once again, and dives into what makes Nico Minoru such an interesting character to use in Midnight Suns. Unlike other characters, Nico’s skills come with a bit of a twist. Unlike other characters that have set effects, many of Nico’s cards come with a “Roulette” effect, which doesn’t reveal the card or ability’s effect until you draw the card into your hand.

This means that players will still have the ability to strategize while knowing what cards they have, but won’t be able to fully know just what version of Nico’s abilities they will get until the card arrives in their hand. For example, one of Nico’s cards, Swarm, will modify your damage, but by a random number once the card is drawn. It could be anywhere from 100% up to 200%, but players won’t know until the card is in their hands, so they’ll have to wait to plan how to use it until then.

Nico’s Roulette mechanics can also be upgraded, with cards that have that effect getting boosts once they are drawn. Nico’s Swarm card, for instance, can be upgraded to deal either 24, 48, 60, or 72 damage, all of which will be randomized until the card is drawn.

The showcase also showed off Nico’s passive ability, which grants a 33% chance to draw an extra card whenever you play a Nico card. The passive requires Nico’s health to be maxed out at first, but once level, has no requirements, meaning you can realistically get one additional card draw every three times you use one of Nico’s abilities, making it incredibly useful in combat.

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It’s unclear who the next character showcase will be, but Midnight Suns has a pattern of rolling out teaser videos of superheroes before focusing on them in an in-depth fashion, so the next character teaser should give us an idea of who to expect a deep dive on.


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